Pledge Your Fur! The Squarriors: Summer Oversize Hardcover Goes To Kickstarter

Written by Neil Greenaway

Ghost, an assassin for the Maw. Interior from Squarriors: Summer #2.

Squarriors is a story set in a world where an unknown event in the late '80s led to the extinction of the human race, and the rise of intelligence in the other members of the animal kingdom to the human level. Flashing forward to the mid-'90s, we see that groups of the animals have formed into clans (like the Tin Kin, the Maw, and the Amoni) - each following a different code of behavior. As the varying clans vie for control of the forest, bloody warfare erupts between the different factions of this feudal society.

The first volume of the comic (Squarriors: Spring) followed the Tin Kin tribe as they tried to decide whether to face the encroaching armies of the other clans or to leave their home in search of a better place. By the end of Spring, the characters (that survive) have seen political intrigue, murder, betrayal, and redemption - and war seems imminent.

Team Ash

Team Ash

Author Ash Maczko & artist Ashley Witter (collectively known as Team Ash) and the folks at Devils Due Publishing had accomplished a truly remarkable feat - creating an independent comic series with an intricately woven story; lush, beautiful art; and high production values. The second volume of the series (Squarriors: Summer) was all set to continue expanding the lore laid out by the first book, but two major stumbling blocks kept getting in the way: time & money. Everyone knows that creators rarely strike it rich off of their passion projects, and so both Ash & Ashley have taken work on other projects - pushing the next issue of Squarriors ever farther away. Which brings us to the new Kickstarter.

In an attempt to raise the funds for the final two issues of Squarriors: Summer (#4 & #5), Team Ash has teamed with DDP and Cold War INC. (the company behind the Squarriors TCG) to launch a crowdfunding campaign with some interesting rewards for fans of the comic series and the card game. The new offerings include enamel pins, a Squarriors stor-folio, KS exclusive variant cards for the Squarriors TCG, and the Squarriors Vol.2 Oversize Hardcover. Join us as we take a closer look at the campaign! Pledge Your Fur!

First, the new Kickstarter video (starring Ash, Ashley, and John Neuls & Matt Reynolds from Cold War INC.). The book looks awesome, and the skit made me laugh out loud.

A “hard no” to a music video? Oh well. Let’s have a peek at the rewards that you CAN get. The oversize hardcover editions of Squarriors are 30% larger than a standard trade paperback, and they are gorgeous! I have the first volume from a previous Kickstarter, and it makes a striking addition to my bookshelf. You can get either or both of them, and they come with KS exclusive variant cards for the TCG!

Both Oversize Hardcover Editions of Squarriors are available, and each comes with an exclusive TCG variant card.

You can pre-order both of the new single issues (Squarriors: Summer #4 & #5), and they also come with KS exclusive variant cards for the TCG! These would ship separately, as they were released. All of the issues are available as digital rewards as well.

Pre-Order the new issues of Squarriors: Summer….

…. or order the entire Squarriors: Summer series in single issues!

If you already have all of the single issues, then certainly you need a place to keep them. This snazzy new Sqauarriors themed Stor-Folio will hold up to 30 single issues.

The Squarriors Stor-Folio!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter for Sqaurriors: The Card Game in early 2017, you can pledge to get the retail edition of the box set here - and it comes with a KS exclusive variant King card! In Squarriors: The Card Game, you control a tribe of woodland critters engaging in violence, betrayal, and mischief. Utilizing advanced tactics, relying on a unique code of the wild, and carefully selecting creatures, playing a game is like creating your own story from the comic series. Give it a try and play online here.

The Squarriors: The Card Game pledge level comes with an exclusive variant King card.

There are pledges that will get you all of the exclusive variant cards for the Squarriors TCG.

If apparel is more your thing, there are Squarriors enamel pins and t-shirts as well! The t-shirts feature either King or the Bloody Paw design and come in sizes from S-2XL. Though the art MAY change for the pins, the concepts show Redcoat, the Bloody Paw, King, & Emperor Ra!

Both of the Squarriors t-shirts come in men & women’s sizes, S-2XL.

Pledge Your Fur by wearing Squarriors enamel pins!

I hope that this campaign succeeds. The world of Squarriors is a beautiful one and I would love to see it fleshed out further. For as epic as the story can feel, I have to keep reminding myself that the events we have seen in the series so far have all taken place in the confines of one small patch of forest - but the animal uprising is taking place all around the globe. There is still SO MUCH of this story left to explore.

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