Fight Your Friends New Card Premiere - 02/08/2019 - Albert the Alien

Fight Your Friends is a card-battling game from Cold War Inc. coming to Kickstarter in February 2019. The greatest creators in indie-comics bring together the greatest characters of indie-comics for the biggest (and greatest) showdown in card-fighting history!

Nerd Team 30 - through a collaboration with Cold War - will be showcasing the premiere of a new card every week leading up to the release of the game. Be sure to check back each Friday to see the newest card!

This week’s premiere is: Albert the Alien

Creator: Trevor Mueller

Illustrator: Gabo

Series: Albert the Alien


Fight Your Friends is a card-battling game brought to you by Cold War Inc.

All you need is 10 cards, 10 minutes, and 1 friend.

Build A Crew

Using 30 Gold, build a crew of exactly 10 fighters (Friends) and rumble with your buddies to see whose crew is the ultimate Fight Your Friends champion!

Match Crews

Each match contains four rounds. Round One pits one of your Friends against one of your opponent's Friends. In each round that follows, you and your opponent both add an additional Friend to the fight until it all ends in Round 4 with a knock-down, drag-out four-on-four slug-fest!

The Winning Crew

At the end of all four rounds, add up the Gold value of your winning Friends. The crew with the most Gold wins the match!

The Orders

All Friends are split up into three Orders, each with different strengths and weaknesses.


The Network

The Network is an Order of brilliant Friends who favor technology and subterfuge to get an edge on their opponents. With no discernable chain of command, it’s difficult to determine the size and reach of The Network but it is believed to be far bigger than the other Orders, with anonymous membership in the thousands.

Primary Class -  Rogue

Primary Class - Rogue

Primary Type -  Enhanced

Primary Type - Enhanced


The Society

Wealthy, cunning, and well organized, The Society is arguably the most dominant of the Orders. Their membership includes everything from world leaders and mega-corporations to underground splinter organisations, all working together to build what they believe is the ultimate utopian society.

Primary Class -  Warrior

Primary Class - Warrior

Primary Type -  Natural

Primary Type - Natural


The Tribe

The Tribe is the oldest, though smallest, of the Orders. However, what they lack in numbers they make up for in power. The Tribe is made up of the ancient bloodlines of gods and monsters, and the beings that honor them.


Primary Class -  Witch

Primary Class - Witch

Primary Type -  Supernatural

Primary Type - Supernatural

About the Friends

Every Friend has a Friendship Bonus. When a Friend enters a fight while another Friend is active, their Friendship Bonus is triggered giving them enhanced abilities and ratings. This bonus also carries over to future Friends played during this round.

Previously Revealed Cards