Welcome to Nerd Team 30!

The purpose of this index is to showcase the talents of different creators working in the independent comics scene and to shine a light on artists who may not be receiving the publicity they deserve. I would also like for this index to become a place that creators can come to find other creators to work with. So if you have an artistic skill that you would like to see advertised; if you want to make yourself available to other artists for work on their projects; or if you have projects of your own that you would like to promote - fill out the application and join the index!


If you have any kind of a store front (from an eBay seller account, to an Etsy store, to a private art site) include it in the websites portion of the page. Also be sure to add any social media links, art pages, blogs, bandcamp, or youtube channels here.  ** This will be a publicly accessible index, so make sure that the email & website addresses you provide lead to your business contacts. Try not to use private accounts, unless you want people friending/following/reaching out to you there **

Once you have completed the form, hitting the submit button will send it back to us automatically. That will send us the written portion of the application, but we would also like to include examples of your work along with your bio (we can include as many examples as you would like to send us). The types of examples we are looking for are:

  • For pencils, inks, colors, letters, or just about any other visual medium -- we would like scans of these works (at least 300dpi, if possible). If you can not get a scan, a decent photo is also acceptable.
  • For writing -- this one is a little trickier. For script work (comics, film, stage) we would like to see a few pages of a story as you scripted it - the way it would look as you handed it off to the artist/director. For prose or poetry, a more finished example is fine.
  • For video/music production & voice over -- just provide us with links to specific videos or musical tracks, and we will embed them in your page.

We would also like at least one photo of you to use in your profile, but if you send two we will use them both (a small one on the index list page, and a larger one on your bio page). If you do not want a photo of yourself in the bio we will work with you to find a profile pic that you do like. We plan on showing this site around to different publishers and other people in the indie comics community, so we want you to be happy with how you are being seen. 

**  All files (pictures, videos, pdfs, documents, etc.) must be sent in a separate email to nerdteam30@gmail.com. We will not create your index page until we receive at least one profile picture.  **

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing back from everybody!

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