Some Of the Nerds Who Make Up Our Team…

Neil Greenaway


Owner of Nerd Team 30

Publisher / Editor

Neil began writing about comics as a frequent contributor to Bleeding Cool. In 2015, he began Nerd Team 30 with the help of two friends. The company has seen consistent growth since then. Neil published his first comic (through Nerd Team 30) in 2018 and as of 2019 has been involved in the management of several Denver comic conventions.

O’Brian Gunn


Journalist / Columnist

O'Brian writes a recurring piece on geek culture for The Westword in Denver, and has his own column here on Nerd Team 30. He is also the author of Furies: Thus Spoke - a 2019 novel combining themes of religion, race, society, & plenty of superheroes!

Bryan Stroud


Journalist / Columnist

Bryan Stroud is a longtime fan of DC Comics, particularly the Silver and Bronze Ages, and has been published in a number of places over the last decade plus, to include the magazines Comic Book Creator and Lurid Little Nightmare Makers and websites like The Silver Lantern and Comics Bulletin. Bryan wrote the afterword to “Think Pink,” is a frequent contributor to BACK ISSUE magazine, Ditkomania and co-authored Nick Cardy: Wit-Lash. He and his indulgent wife have dined with Joe and Hilarie Staton and Jim Shooter. He owns a comic book spinner rack that reminds him of his boyhood.

R. Alan Brooks



Raised in Atlanta and now a Denver resident, Alan is a writer, musician and host of the popular “Mother F**ker In A Cape” comics podcast, which interviews marginalized members of the geek world. Alan writes educational children’s comics and “The Adventures of Captain Colorado” for Pop Culture Classroom (the non-profit that stages Denver Comic Con). He is the writer and creator of “The Burning Metronome”, a supernatural murder mystery graphic novel.

Roberto Martinez



Roberto Martinez was born and raised in the city of Denver, Colorado. He writes in a variety of forms including comic scripts, screen plays, stage plays , nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. He worked to help create the Denver Comic Con and continues to contribute to the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo. He’s been active in the industry for eight years, starting with a supernatural western called Boot Hill. More recently he was in the anthologies Dinopocalypse and Cryptids and Cogs. In 2016 he won Sigma Tau Delta’s award for Best Short Play submission for A Quarterlife Crisis Inspired by Connery and Lennon and went on to stage three short plays called Life Lessons which can be viewed on YouTube.