Unboxing Vanessa Kensington From Austin Powers

Norrin has been collecting toys (and keeping them safely inside of their original packaging) for a little over 20 years now. And the time has come to break the seals, tear the tape, and see what's actually inside of these boxes. We will be seeing him open flea-market finds (with dog eared cardboard and pushed in plastic) right along with his mint-in-box exclusive editions. Who wants to play with some toys? 

Our sixth unboxing is Vanessa Kensington from series two of the Austin Powers action figures made by McFarlane Toys in 1999. Vanessa Kensington was the daughter of Marie Kensington, Austin's partner from the 1960s. Born on 10 June 1970, she was among the secret agents that welcomed the thawed Austin Powers to the 1990s. She was initially disgusted by Austin's politically incorrect, womanizing attitude, but soon warms to his good nature and falls in love with him. At the end of the film, she and Austin marry and are shown in their honeymoon suite. Her weapon of choice is a Desert Eagle.
In the second Austin Powers film, Kensington is quickly revealed as a fembot. This is first realized by Austin when she malfunctions under the influence of a television remote control. Seemingly under the control of Dr. Evil, she self-destructs shortly afterward. Austin briefly grieves, but quickly gets over it.