Unboxing The Bond Girls - Jill Masterson

Norrin has been collecting toys (and keeping them safely inside of their original packaging) for a little over 20 years now. And the time has come to break the seals, tear the tape, and see what's actually inside of these boxes. We will be seeing him open flea-market finds (with dog eared cardboard and pushed in plastic) right along with his mint-in-box exclusive editions. Who wants to play with some toys? 

Our thirteenth unboxing is the Previews Exclusive Jill Masterson from the 7" line of Bond Girls action figures made by Exclusive Premiere Toys in 1998. She comes packaged with a pair of binoculars and a small display base. 
Jill Masterson unwittingly got herself involved with the obsessive and pathological criminal, Auric Goldfinger. She quickly became his kept lady and help him win at cards and to be "seen" with him. She can see Goldfinger's opponent’s cards through her high-powered binoculars. She communicates via radio with Goldfinger (who receives the messages through a false hearing aid), telling him what cards his opponent has and what is going on in the game.
When Felix Leiter meets James Bond at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, and tells him M wants him to look into Auric Goldfinger, he points out Goldfinger's astonishing luck at cards. Bond observes a game of Gin Rummy between Goldfinger and Simmons, and suspects some foul play. He sneaks into Goldfinger's suite and finds Jill laying on a sunbed on the balcony.
Bond questions her, and after implying otherwise, discovers that their relationship is merely professional. He uses the radio to talk to his boss, threatening to call the Miami Beach Police unless he looses the money he has gained by cheating.
Jill is impressed by Bond's daring move, and the two of them go back to his hotel suite. But Goldfinger is angered by her betrayal, and gets his revenge, sending henchman Oddjob to kill her. Oddjob knocks her unconscious and paints her entire body in gold paint, causing her to die from skin asphyxiation.