Unboxing Hedorah, The Smog Monster

Norrin has been collecting toys (and keeping them safely inside of their original packaging) for a little over 20 years now. And the time has come to break the seals, tear the tape, and see what's actually inside of these boxes. We will be seeing him open flea-market finds (with dog eared cardboard and pushed in plastic) right along with his mint-in-box exclusive editions. Who wants to play with some toys? 

Our fourth unboxing is Hedorah from the 6.5" line of Godzilla toys made by Bandai in 2007. Hedorah, also known as the Smog Monster, is a kaiju who first appeared in Toho's 1971 film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah". The monster was named for Hedoro, the Japanese word for sludge, slime, vomit or chemical ooze.