MotherF*cker In A Cape Talks Sexual Harassment In Upcoming Episodes

Written by Neil Greenaway

The Mother F*cker In A Cape podcast has a trio of new episodes planned for the end of April, and they touch on some fairly uncomfortable subjects. While the podcast normally focuses on marginalized figures in the comics community, these three episodes want to directly address the #metoo movement by tackling the topic of harassment and breaking it into its baser parts.

The first episode sees the creator of the podcast, R. Alan Brooks, speaking with Sarah J. Berg - the anti-harassment trainer at University of Colorado-Denver, who provides a legal definition of sexual harassment and some strategies for addressing it.

R. Alan Brooks recording the MotherF*cker In A Cape podcast.

The second episode hears stories of harassment from the women who have experienced them, touching on the very real damage that can be caused by predatory sexuality.

The third episode cuts to the heart of the problem by speaking with men who have admitted to practicing harassing and abusive behavior. These men discuss their thinking and motives at the time of the harassment, how they learned that their actions were wrong, and what they've done to change their views on women since.

Brooks admits that this topic is a bit outside the purview of what he normally features: "I typically focus on marginalized people in the geek world: disabled geeks, a sex worker who makes comics; that kind of thing. But I think sexual harassment needs to be addressed directly by men, and this is the forum that I have, so I'm using it."

The first of these three episodes will premiere on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, and Podcastland on April 30, 2018, which is the last day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month - with the next two episodes following weekly after that.