Cosplay at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 - Over 150 Photos

Written by Neil Greenaway

The Phoenix Convention Center.

Nerd Team 30 was able to attend Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 - and the Phoenix cosplay community was out in full display! With a combination of the security threats last year at Phoenix Comic Con 2017, the steep ticket price increase at the re-branded Phoenix Comic Fest 2018, and the ever-present Phoenix heat, I had worried that the turnout this year might be a little lacking in terms of cosplayers - but I was wrong. The costumes being worn were no less interesting, imaginative, or intricate than they have been in years past. There were some changes to what was worn, most notably the lack of prop guns or military characters. This must have affected the Arizona chapters of the 501st and the Mandalorian Mercs, neither of whom had their normal large presence at the show. While the big Star Wars cosplay groups were definitely missed, their absence did allow more of the singular characters a chance to shine. So take a stroll through the convention with us as we present a gallery of over 150 cosplay photos from the Phoenix Comic Fest 2018!

All photos taken by Neil Greenaway, Roberto Martinez, & Todd Jones.

Phoenix Comic Fest will be back in 2019 as Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Phoenix Comic Fest will be back in 2019 as Phoenix Fan Fusion!