Cards Against Humanity Saves America - Day 4

Written by Neil Greenaway

For day four of the Cards Against Humanity Saves America promotion, I received a pack of 6 CAH playing cards, 3 thank you notes from children, and a Position Statement from the Chicago Children's Museum concerning homework for school children. The museum, it turns out, is against homework - and so are Cards Against Humanity.

From the website

Mounting sociological evidence confirms something we’ve always suspected: homework sucks gorilla balls. It stifles creativity and makes kids hate learning.
For Day Four, we sent out cards, thank you notes from children, a policy paper written by the Chicago Children’s Museum, and we’ve partnered with Donor’s Choose to support teachers who are creating alternatives to traditional homework.
Teachers came up with a ton of ideas, like taking field trips to museums, making slime, reading with their families, and playing board games. You can support these projects by donating at right now. We’re matching your donations up to $100,000.