Cards Against Humanity Saves America - Day 1

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Cards Against Humanity is at it again. After having sworn that they were done with their celebratory holiday promotions, they are back this year with a more politically charged offering. Though the structure of the promotion is the same as in previous years (a $15 payment buys 6 gifts delivered throughout the month of December), the game company swears that it has a more noble pursuit than the celebration of another winter holiday. They want to Save America. I have always been willing to gamble my money on what the envelopes held in the past, so of course I had to see what surprises this year had in store. I will be posting the contents of my packages here, or you can follow along at the CAH Saves America website. After having paid for the subscription in mid-November, Day One arrived in the mail promptly on December 1st. So far, I am not disappointed. 

From the Cards Against Humanity Stops The Wall website:

Right now, the federal government is working to pour billions of your tax dollars into building a wall between the United States and Mexico, despite the fact that walls have been militarily obsolete since the advent of gunpowder.

Last month, 150,000 people paid us $15 to save America with six days of incredible stunts and surprises. For Day One, we used some of the money to purchase a plot of vacant land on the US/Mexico border and retain a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for Trump to build his preposterous wall.

The whole legal process can take quite a long time — who knows, maybe longer than the current president will be in office? For however long it takes, we are ready for a protracted resistance to any attempts by the government to build a wall on this land.

– Our lawyers at Graves, Dougherty, Hearon, & Moody