Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #7


THE WORLD AS THEY MAKE IT! Alliance are forged! Enemies are enraged! The war burns on Earth and Cybertron! And now... now the real battle begins.

Written By: Tom Scioli and John Barber

Art By: Tom Scioli

Colors and Letters By: Tom Scioli

Editor: Carlos Guzman

Subscription Cover Art By: Joe Quinones

Released On: June 3, 2015

Page Count: 23 Pages







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Did You Know?

For his appearance in Scarlett's Brainwave Scanner vision, Bumblebee is based directly on his original Generation 1 character model, rather than the revised look he normally has in this series.

Cover Gallery

Cover A: Tom Scioli

Sub Cover: Joe Quinones

RI Cover: Kody Chamberlain