Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #5

"Everybody Hates Metroplex"

IT GETS CRAZIER! The biggest space battle ever grows to universal proportions! Will the G.I. JOE team and the AUTOBOTS make peace--before COBRA and the DECEPTICONS end the war... the bad way?!

Written By: Tom Scioli and John Barber

Art By: Tom Scioli

Colors and Letters By: Tom Scioli

Editor: Carlos Guzman

Standard Cover Art By: Tom Scioli

Released On: February 11, 2015

Page Count: 26 Pages



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"Trypticon dines this night on the sweetbreads of a goliath!"

Trypticon, as he bites Fortress Maximus's head off

Cover Gallery

Cover A Art By: Tom Scioli

Yesteryear Comics Exclusive Cover Art By: Jamie Tyndall and Ula Mos

Subscription Cover Art By: Nick Pitarra and Megan Wilson

Retailer Incentive Cover Art By: Derek Charm