Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #0 - Free Comic Book Day 2014

"The Golden Boys"

Two titans of pop culture clash in the kick-off of an all-new, all-action ongoing series!  When Earth is threatened by giant machine life from outer space, the planet's greatest heroes unite-but will they be enough?  From the pulse-pounding pen of visionary artist Tom Scioli begins the most cosmic crossover of all time!

Published By: IDW Publishing

Written By: Tom Scioli and John Baber

Art By: Tom Scioli

Colors and Letters By: Tom Scioli

Editor: Carlos Guzman

Released On: May 3, 2014

Page Count: 24 Pages

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Did You Know?

In Transformers vs. G.I. Joe all the Transformers speak entirely in electronic signals, represented in their speech bubbles as modulated sine waves, which are translated into English in footnotes.

Early Concept Art