The Transformers: Megatron Origin #3

Celebration. Intrigue. Assassination. The hardcore, the outlaw elite — the insurgent Decepticons go public, rebelling with a sudden and unstoppable fury. The icon behind this is celebrated as an omen for change — Megatron’s day has come! A response must be heard, seen, felt. Sentinel Prime’s narrowed options make him lunge for his bluntest tactic: a thunderous head-on attack aimed at squashing resistance overnight.


Written By: Eric Holmes

Art By: Alex Milne

Colors By: Josh Perez

Letters By: Neil Uyetake

Edits By: Chris Ryall

Published: September 6, 2007




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"Mmm...uh...Meg...MEGATRON! I swear my allegiance undying!"


Cover A: Alex Milne - Josh Perez

Cover B; Marcelo Matere - Andrew Elder