The Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #1

Part 1 of 5! At last, the ultimate confrontation between not just GRIMLOCK and his somewhat-estranged fellow Dinobots, SLUDGE, SLAG, SNARL, and SWOOP, but also Sunstreaker/Hunter, Scorponok, Hot Rod, Skywatch and a whole army of Headmasters! Mayhem, machinations, melee, and, of course, Maximum Dinobots, all courtesy of TRANSFORMERS uber-scribe Simon Furman and fan-favorite Nick Roche!






Written By: Simon Furman

Art By: Nick Roche

Colors By: Josh Burcham

Letters By: Chris Mowry

Edits By: Denton J. Tipton

Published: December 10, 2008


Cover A: Nick Roche and Josh Burcham

Cover B: Marcelo Matere and Priscilla Tramontano

Cover RI: Nick Roche