The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #15

The redefined characters of KUP and PERCEPTOR take center stage as we see how Kup recovered from his insanity (as well as his near-death experience), courtesy of Spotlight: Kup writer/artist Nick Roche, and what led Perceptor to reject science and take up snipering!










Written By: Nick Roche and James Roberts  "Everything in Its Right Place" Denton J. Tipton  "Lost & Found"

Art By: Nick Roche "Everything in Its Right Place" Casey Coller "Lost & Found"

Colors By: Kris Carter  "Everything in Its Right Place" Joana Lafuente "Lost & Found"

Letters By: Chris Mowry

Edits By: Andy Schmidt

Published: September 16, 2009


Cover A: Nick Roche and Kris Carter

Cover B: Casey Coller and Joana Lafuente

Cover RI: Trevor Huctchison