Megatron Hosts The 2015 Transformers Hall Of Fame

This years Transformers Hall of Fame induction ceremony is hosted by none other than the baddest bot around, Megatron.  

Transformers YouTube Writes:

Who will be inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame this year? There are a lot of worthy nominees and, as long as Megatron doesn’t take all of the trophies home himself, it should be an exciting evening. 
The 3 categories are: 
Favorite Character (Besides Megatron)
Nominees: Optimus Primal, Prowl, Galvatron
Best Combiner Robot
Nominees: Devastator, Bruticus, Predaking
Best Musical Act Used in a Transformers Branded Production
Nominees: Anne Dryant, Vincent Dicola, Weird Al’ Yankovic
May the best Bot/Human win!