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When your first word is “Batman”, it’s either a sign you should be working in comics or become a superhero. Having no superpowers or wealth to afford crime-fighting gadgets, Todd Jones decided to be a comic writer instead. He has worked on Pandemonium Spotlight for Twilight Star Studios, All-Star Pulp for Airship 27/ Redbud Studios, as well as Wicked Awesome Tales, STAKES and Classic Monsters As Sharks for Wicked Awesome Comics. Todd currently resides in Colorado with his amazing wife and their three dogs.

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Wicked Awesome Comics, Airship 27/Redbud Studios, and Twilight Star Studios

Years Active:  2009-Present

Available For Commission:  Yes, contact for rates.

Influences:  I don't think I could choose a favorite writer or artist. It depends on what I am in the mood for at the time, much like wanting tacos one day but craving pizza the next. 

I've fallen in love with a great many comics over the years but here are seven favorites that come to mind:
1. The Amazing Spider-Man
2. Saga
3. Rising Stars
4. Strikeforce: Morituri
5. The Green Hornet (NOW Comics)
6. Irredeemable
7. Detective Comics

Published Works:

All-Star Pulp Comics #2
Pandemonium Spotlight #4
Wicked Awesome Tales (ongoing)
Classic Monsters As Sharks


Websites & Social Media:

Wicked Awesome Comics on Comixology

Contact Email:  toddjones74@hotmail.com