Roberto Martinez was born and raised in the city of Denver, Colorado. He writes in a variety of forms including comic scripts, screen plays, stage plays , nonfiction, fiction,  and poetry. He worked to help create the Denver Comic Con and continues to contribute to the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo.  He’s been active in the industry for eight years, starting with a supernatural western called Boot Hill.  More recently he was in the anthologies Dinopocalypse and  Cryptids and Cogs.  In 2016 he won Sigma Tau Delta’s award for Best Short Play submission for A Quarterlife Crisis Inspired by Connery and Lennon and went on to stage three short plays called Life Lessons which can be viewed on YouTube.

Influences:  Ben Edlund, Terry Pratchett,  Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman, Neil Gaiman, Brian Posehn, Mark Oakley, George R. R. Martin

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Red Team Go Colorado

Years Active:  8

Available For Commission:  Yes, contact for rates

Published Works:

Dinopocalypse Vol 1
Dinopocalypse Vol 3
Tales to Oddify Vol. 2
Con Tips: Interacting with Cosplayers (voice acting and lead writer)
Life Lessons 1-4 (Play)

Websites & Social Media:

Life Lessons on Youtube
Con Tips: Interacting with Cosplayers on Youtube

Contact Email:  BertoHasNoChill@gmail.com


Writing Samples