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I am a Colorado Native that fell in love with comics in 1989. I pursued a degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and got both my BFA and MFA from that institution. I currently live in Colorado and am the Program Chair of Media Arts at the Art Institute of Colorado. I have six lovely children (four girls and two boys) and will be married 10-years this November. My first published comic book work came in 1997 with Panther Comics. In 2007-8 I penciled 3 issues (#25, 26, and 27) of Big Epsilon for Kris Kidd Productions (issue 27 never released). I colored a book for IndieGods comics that never released called Deadhattan, and then went on to co-create a comic on playing cards called Magicians Must Die. I co-created Captain Colorado for Denver Comic Con in 2015, and did the art for their badges the same year. I am currently working on a crime noir comic through my own publishing company and studio called, Broderick.

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Squirt Gun Studios, Action Lab Entertainment

Years Active:  20

Available For Commission:  Yes, contact for rates

Influences:  My initial influences in comics are Jim Lee and Michael Turner. The amount of detail and larger than life characters those two were able to put into their art is amazing. I got into comics through Ron Lim and his work in the Marvel Cosmic Universe, and Lee Weeks for his gritty and powerful Daredevil. When I got into college, I was introduced to Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, and Doug TenNapel, all amazing, and worth diving deeply into their art. During grad school, I was introduced to Milton Caniff, Jeff Smith, and Gustav Dore, all amazing artists with ink and story. RIght now, I spend a lot of time pouring over Dan Panosian, Shawn Crystal, Dave Johnson, and Tim Sale. All of these artists have made me the artist I am today.

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Contact Email:  jpeteranetz@gmail.com

Published Works:

Big Epsilon #25, #26
Magicians Must Die
Captain Colorado
Action Lab, Dog Of Wonder

Art Samples