G.S. Davis hails from Arvada Colorado and has been making comics and animation since high school. His first serial comic was published in the 1991 fanzine “Dai-jest” and he hasn’t looked back since. He got a Bachelors of Science in Animation in 2005 and has worked on projects both big and small. His largest body of work, Tamerlane, was started in 2005 and is still going today.  In 2018 he will begin his newest endeavor, Witches Of Flame, a story chronicling the fictional alternate history of the never-cancelled Apollo program as it went onward to Mars.

Influences:  Haruhiko Mikimoto, Rumiko Takahashi, Rick Sternbach, Alex Ross, David Weber, Vernor Vinge

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Foxtail Graphics, Red Team Go Colorado

Years Active:  26

Available For Commission:  Yes, Contact for rates

Published Works:



Witches Of Flame

Art Samples