Name's Colton (I also go by Colt), and I am based in Denver, Colorado. I have been doodling all my life, but around 2015 is when I actually started getting serious about being a comic book creator. I write stories, pencil, ink, color, and publish (through RTG).  When I color my illustrations, I prefer to work in watercolor. I am the Project Manager for Red Team Go Colorado and have contributed to every book RTG has put out (either through my art, my writing, or working on publishing the books). I am heavily influenced by manga and anime, but my work takes influence from everything around me.

Influences:  Oh Great! (manga artist), Wayward, Darkness, Witchblade, Image, and a lot of local Colorado artists.

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Red Team Go Colorado

Years Active:  5

Available For Commission:  Yes, always! Contact for rates

Published Works:

Dinopocalypse Vol 1
Dinopocalypse Vol 2
Dinopocalypse Vol 3
Cryptids and Cogs Vol 1
Cryptids and Cogs Vol 2
Time Warp Comics 24 Hour Comic Book 2015

Websites & Social Media:


Contact Email:  coltonmuheim@gmail.com

Art Samples