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Chad Blakely has been professionally working in comics since the 2011 release of his OGN "Kidnapping Kevin Smith". He as also worked on the 3 issue ALL AGES mini series, "Astonishing Adventures", 2013's "The Con Job: Professional Thieves" and numerous projects with writer Todd Jones for the "Wicked Awesome Tales" anthology series. Recently he designed comic book characters and a 16 page comic book menu based on the beers of Cheyenne, Wyoming based craft brewery Daniel Mark's Brewery and Tap room. He is currently locked in his basement, toiling away on a new graphic novel and plotting to model the comic book world in his own, geeky image!

Influences:  Mike Allred, Jack Kirby, Dave Stevens, Edward
Hopper, The Beatles

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Pathetic Aesthetic Comics

Years Active:  7 years

Available For Commission:  Yes, contact for rates

Published Works:

Kidnapping Kevin Smith (OGN)
Astonishing Adventures (3-issue series)
The Con Job: Professional Thieves (OGN)
Wicked Awesome Tales (ongoing series)

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