Cachet Whitman grew up in California, but now happily resides in Colorado. She started doing freelance illustration at sixteen and has been making a living out of it ever since, but wants to spread her horizons in comics and other professional avenues.  Hardworking and efficient, she has done artwork for hundreds of clients all over the world. Having worked with so many different clients, she specializes in variety and will draw just about anything you throw at her. She just really, really loves to make art.

Influences:  Alex Milne, Glenn Fabry, Dave Gibbons, Steve Dillon, Adam Hughes, Satoshi Kon, Rose Besch, Masahiro Ito

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Red Team GO Colorado

Years Active:  10 years

Available For Commission: By Reservation Only, Contact for availability

Websites & Social Media:

Contact Email:  pirate.cashoo@gmail.com

Art Samples