I am the owner of Flesh-Eating Comics and I write and illustrate a horror/comedy series called The Ugly Tree.

Influences:  Stephen King, Wes Craven, Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Steven Hughes, Brian Pulido, 80's slasher movies, Batman, Image Comics, Disney, Chew, Invincible, Spawn, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Mark Henn, James Baxter, H.R. Giger, James Cameron, ... This list could go on forever.

Publisher/Group Affiliation:  Flesh-Eating Comics

Years Active:  6

Available For Commission:  By Reservation only, contact for availability.


Contact Email:  batabe@hotmail.com

Published Works:

The Ugly Tree (ongoing)


Websites & Social Media:

The Ugly Tree Comic

Art Samples